What’s in it for you?

What’s in it for you?

We provide support in making business performance profitable, sustainable and stable to reach customer and shareholder satisfaction. We build future-proof and change-ready companies based on systematic operation.

Engaged employees, stable and competent teams support the company in reaching its goals as a result of transformation.

The basis of our cooperation

Client focus

Our clients’ success is the basis of our successful operation.


We believe in the importance of growth mindset and action: we are improving in an agile way and in motion in order to reach the goals set and the desired results.


We believe in an empowering partnership culture. We are responsible for our actions and we also take responsibility for our environment.

Lean-based operation

Lean forms the basis of our operation: it involves pro-activity, speed, simplicity and discipline.


Our world view, our decisions and actions are characterised by independence, ethical business operation and integrity.

We trust in ourselves, in one another, in our partners and
in the world.






Satisfied clients


Successful programmes

What you get when working with us

  • agility
  • pragmatic solutions, methods, tools
  • sustainability
  • pro-activity
  • cooperation
  • innovative ideas – one step ahead of changes
What’s in it for you?

Tailor-made, unique solutions

We are an integrated organisation development and consultancy company. We offer comprehensive, tailor-made, unique solutions.

Our services
  • systematic
  • goal-oriented
  • sustainability
  • practical
  • professionally valid
We develop
  • people
  • organisations
  • processes
  • whole systems

We support you to keep main focuses

Business Strategy - Strategic initiatives, Strategy into action, Business Development

Operational & Execution Excellence - Lean management, Process optimisation, Project management

People & Organization Development - HR consultation, Change management & internal communication, Leadership development & activation programs, Tailor-made training portfolio

Customer Experience - Customer Intimacy, Sales management, NPS, Value stream, Value proposition

HR-related Digital Solutions - Digital solutions supporting company, organisation and human development. Follow-up on the whole Employee Journey

Your operation & our operation

  • internal testing and operation
  • development iterations
  • experience-based recommendation to companies
  • installation, measurement, analysis
  • modern improvements
We are the same on the inside as on the outside.

Our satisfied clients

Are you the next one?


Borealis Digitalis

Borealis Digitalis is the digital division of Borealis Consulting, which develops company, organisation and human development digital solutions for SMEs, large and multinational companies to reduce employee turnover and trust tax, to increase efficiency and follow-up on the employee life cycle.

Future-proof HR-tech solutions in your pocket

  • Recruitment
  • On-boarding
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Real-time feedback
  • 360 feedback
  • Goal management
  • Development path
  • Measuring trust
  • Building trust
  • Performance appraisal
Let’s get an insight by a 10 minutes game

How do we work? – The Guideline

We develop and provide diagnostic tools
  • We get to know the company’s operation and make the company get to know it. (Who are we?)
  • We give an overall picture of the current situation, about the supportive and the hindering factors, too. (Where do we start from?)
Support and knowledge transfer
  • We define the goals together. (Where are we going?)
  • We tranform the strategy to actions and an implementation plan and we support implementation with project and performance management tools. (How to reach it?)
  • We accompany, support the change process with hard and soft tools. (Who helps?)

Our clients say

Suddenly we realise that setting off from the general we have arrived at concrete things and solution plans have been made. We don’t stop, what has been said needs to be applied immediately - and this is very good!

Within a short period of time I was feeling that I had the opportunity to improve my competencies required to manage the company and lead the people. I learnt to discover my own values. I realised that well-built work culture increases work motivation and stimulates creative, innovative ideas.

I always feel at ease following the operative advice given, since we do not talk about theories but we get immediate itineraries that lead us to concrete solutions.

Our mission, motto

The name of our company is Borealis, which means "northern light" in Latin. This phenomenon is a real masterpiece of nature, which is a source of inspiration, it is a symbolic sign-post and energy for us in our everyday life. At the same time, Borealis manifests the uniqueness, the quality that we intend to represent.

Borealis believes that the world will be a better place if people have faith in their individual impact on positive development.

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